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About Us

Biote  is a company that started its activity in 2011.Since its beginnings, the ambition of the company has been to gain significant spaces in the market, ascertaining the gap that existed in the Albanian market in terms of service, quality and price.

As a result, the company’s objective was achieved in the first months of the beginning of the activity. The experience we have created is available for development and revision towards constant permission.


The company’s philosophy is about continuous fulfillment in all sectors. Our spirit and vision has been to be practical in the framework of development and practicality in relation to our partners and the communicative aspect. The main principle in the company, in all dimensions, is the continuity and strengthening of relations between clients and our colleagues.

BIOTE is the leading company in the sleep sector, offering the Albanian market an extraordinary experience with an unprecedented quality, enabling innovation in this field with its wide range of products.